About the Author

Matt Edmonds teaches history at an independent day school in Tampa, Florida. He is passionate about making his classroom a place where students prepare for participation in democratic society, and to this end, he makes extensive use of the Harkness method and other student-centered, dialogue-driven approaches. He is constantly in search of good ideas about education.

Matt is a proud alumnus of the University of Virginia, where he majored in history and minored in African-American and African Studies. He earned his M.A. in history from the University of Alabama, where he researched private schools and desegregation during the civil rights era.

Matt also coaches baseball and basketball, and in his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, cooking, watching sports (especially college sports), and traveling.

About the Blog

(From the very first post)

Unlike a lot of people these days (especially some of those on the 24-hour cable news networks), I’m putting myself into the “public sphere” not because I presume to have all of the answers, but because I don’t. Although I wouldn’t humble myself as much as Socrates in saying that “I know nothing,” I do agree with his oft-quoted assertion that “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

I hope that this blog will be a forum where I can “wonder aloud,” so to speak, about the things that arouse my curiosity, most notably teaching and learning, history, and ideas in general. It will also be a venue for self-reflection.


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