Hey! Board Member, Leave Those Teachers Alone!

A short piece from EdWeek tells us that education officials in South Carolina have scrapped a plan to grade that state’s teachers:

State education board members want to assure teachers they won’t implement the Education Department’s proposal to give teachers letter grades.

Board Chairman Dennis Thompson said Wednesday evaluating educators on an A to F scale is not going to work. The governor’s appointee, bank president Michael Brenan, says the concept needs to go. He says businesses would never evaluate employees that way.

This is very good news for both teachers and their students, but my real question is this: How many of these people are willing to apply their logic to the students in their schools? Are the teachers who are upset about being graded willing to rethink the way they assess their students? Are the officials who admit that “businesses would never evaluate employees this way” willing to acknowledge that it might not be in the best interests of kids either?

Given that kids don’t vote, my guess is that grades aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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