I’m Back

I realized not long ago that it had been almost two months since I posted on the blog. It’s fair to say, I think, that my goal of maintaining this site as a place for reflection has not been met. Alas. That’s what happens, I guess, once baseball season gets started. In addition to balancing my teaching with practices and games, I’ve been dealing with some personal matters of late as well. Nothing serious, but certainly time-consuming.

I’m hoping to resume more regular posts soon, but until baseball season wraps up, I’m hesitant to make any promises. I do intend, however, to re-dedicate myself to the blog (and most likely revise my own expectations for it) over the summer. Until then, I’ll try to post–however sporadically–my thoughts from the classroom.

Some exciting goings-on these days which may merit posts of their own in the coming weeks:

  1. I’m teaching my American history course thematically this semester (as opposed to chronologically), and the results have been mostly quite good.
  2. Although I haven’t made time for the blog, I have been reading quite a bit, including some great books about education.
  3. My school’s alumnae magazine recently published an article I wrote about my approach to teaching.



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