Busy Day

Whenever I have a few free minutes during the school day, I–much like my students, I suppose–like to check my cell phone. Although I imagine that I probably don’t text as much as my students, I’ll use those few minutes to read e-mails, update my calendar and my many to do lists, or catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

Now, I’ve had my phone for a year and a half at this point, so usually by the end of the day, I’ve worn the battery at least halfway down. So you can imagine my surprise when I glanced down at my phone as I was walking to my car this afternoon and noticed that my battery was still 96% charged.

Between comments (due tomorrow), college letters of recommendation (due Saturday), grading, and unit planning, I was only able to kill 4% of my battery today. Not a minute to spare, and yet here I am. Blogging. As the kids might say, SMH.


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