On the Origins of… Blogging?

I dreamed up this blog back in the final days of summer, before school started. I had been spending a lot of time reflecting on how my experiences this summer (some of which I’ll probably get into in subsequent posts) had changed me as a teacher, and I thought it would be nice to explore some of my ideas in writing and hopefully get some feedback from fellow professionals.

And then school started. For the last two and a half weeks, I’ve be readjusting to the blinding pace, and much of that dreamy end-of-summer thinking has been pushed to the recesses of my brain. This worries me, because after all of my “personal and professional growth” this summer, the last thing I want is to be forced back into some of my old habits by the workaday concerns of another school year. And so, over the last few days I’ve found my mind drifting back to the idea of a blog.

Unlike a lot of people these days (especially some of those on the 24-hour cable news networks), I’m putting myself into the “public sphere” not because I presume to have all of the answers, but because I don’t. Although I wouldn’t humble myself as much as Socrates in saying that “I know nothing,” I do agree with his oft-quoted assertion that “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

I hope that this blog will be a forum where I can “wonder aloud,” so to speak, about the things that arouse my curiosity, most notably teaching and learning, history, and ideas in general. It will also be a venue for self-reflection. From time to time, I may also veer into other arenas—right now, for instance, I’m quite interested in the politics of architecture and of food—but even then, the educational focus will (I hope) remain clear.



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